Hatch AVL

The goal of the Hatch AVL Foundation is to help grow the next $10M companies in Asheville, with a combination of Place, Partnerships and Playbook. The ‘place’ is located at 45 South French Broad where we house 5 startups, and the HatchWorks Co-working space. This provides a space for high growth startups to support each other every day. Hatch AVL ‘partner’ with key stakeholders including Venture Asheville, with local businesses such as banks, accountants and law firms, with a group of talented and experienced mentors, and with universities in western NC, such as UNC Asheville, WCU and App State. In addition, they bring a ‘playbook’ of events, know-how and best practices assembled with the help of many experts.  Hatch This is a playbook example where aspiring local entrepreneurs come together to build a new business in a weekend.

Students in Ideas to Action have participated in the Hatch This weekend. In addition, Hatch AVL members have visited our classes to provide feedback on student pitches and have been judges in our Social Entrepreneurship Competitions.