2020 (November) Social Entrepreneurship Competition

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the November 2020 Social Entrepreneurship Competition took place online. Ideas were peer-reviewed and judged by members of the class.


Best Idea

Stepping Stones to Greatness: John Cherry, Ryan Simpson

Best Pitch

Prepared not Scared: Nora Donovan, Amanda Peirano

Total Overall Votes in Best Idea & Pitch Categories

Cat Café:  Jessica Overby, Hailey Polsky,

Most Thoughtful Throughout

Sustainable Surf: Kyrstan Conrad, Alex Ferris


SAL’s Artistry:  Ilana Adlee, Genesis Lipshy, Sarah Sheek

Best Financials

Asheville Artist Center:  Jason Biles, Jodie Karr

Most Ready for Prime Time

Sustainable Wanderlust:  Ashley Bray, Caitlin Doherty

Most Personal Project

Asheville Music Associates:  Maddie Kendrick, Daniel O’Grady