2017 Social Entrepreneurship Competition


(placed secondGreen Peak – Jacqui Henderson-Scott, Nelson Leonard
Green Peak is the innovative alternative to expensive green certifications with its use of analytic tools to develop long-term green goals for businesses that want to make an impact on the environment.
MediCore – Seona Craig, Randi Fossett, Samantha Giordano
In order to address inefficiencies of the health care system and the frustration of excessive paperwork and disorganization for the patient and doctors/specialists, our app will organize, file, and track a patient’s medical documents, doctors appointments, insurance information, medication, and health trends.
ManagAIR – Morgan Fuller, Andy Morrison
Our product is an app that tackles the problem of inefficiency in heating and air conditioning systems through the collection of crowd-sourced user data.
(placed firstReSight – Katherine Franks, Tia Foster
ReSight is a text to speech cellphone application that provides audio accessibility and resources to assist students with learning and reading disabilities.
(placed third) Safety Creations – Shayla Khalife, Camden Aguilar
Safety Creations is ​a ​proposal for a ​personal safety company that produces ​jewelry with Bluetooth technology, to act as an alert device, in order to combat sexual assault.
SEEDS (Social, Ecological, Economic Driven Solutions) – Lissy Kirsteins, Sebastian Herranz
SEEDS is a website which carries social, ecological, economical products and services from social entrepreneurs to create an accessible market for changing the world.
SOCA (Socially Oriented Charitable Accommodations) – Zac Lopez-Ibanez, Sinead Abbott McCloud
In order to address the immediate needs of homelessness, SOCA’s membership model channels funding to non-profit organizations by selling short-term rental owners a certification of sustainable tourism.
U-CAN (University Counseling & Advising Network) – Zachary Silverman
U-CAN provides trained mentors and a wide range of tools to guide and nurture students interested in improving any aspect of their lives.
Universal Vending – Kit Sullivan, Emelye Sneed
To address the need for after hours essential products for students, we are designing a vending machine that will have a wide range of products to provide a way for students to access these items within the safety of their campuses.


For more information about the winners of this event:  UNC Asheville Students Changing the World

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