2016 Social Entrepreneurship Competition


Apollo – Claire Childs, Jason Rafferty
To increase classical arts training and help artists make a living, a private teaching studio that will focus on technical training, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a unique arts entrepreneurship mentoring program
(placed second) Biomod – Erika Floyd, Ben Wall
To decrease household waste disposal and energy consumption, an in-home biogas generator that collects household organic waste and converts it into energy
Camp Life – Stephanie Cabral
To lessen the struggles many young adults face, a summer program that offers the opportunity to experience life skills one must learn in order to become successfully independent
Growing Minds – Jacqui Henderson-Scott, Glaucia Vieira
To encourage children to develop a connection to their food, a small home aquaponics system with a fun and educational app that will help them understand the source of their food and how it will impact their future
Petscription – Savanna Lloyd
To aid owners of pets with obesity, illness, and poor nutrition, a pet food subscription tailored to each pet’s dietary needs
(placed first) TerraFemme – Anna Dasliva, Kelli Early
To lesson the 17 billion used tampons and pads that accumulate in landfills every year, a collection bin and pick-up service to decompose used products into organic compost
Toddler Tracker (TNT) – Tim Hussey, Tatiana Miller
To address the issue of child neglect and abuse in daycare facilities, a mobile-friendly software tool that connects daycare cameras to a platform for parental viewing and communication


For more information:  Better Business, For Good