2015 Social Entrepreneurship Competition


Artibus – Ben Eisdorfer, Jeremy Gower, Ivy Sugars, Simon Taugwalder
Addressing the homeless epidemic in the United States with a multi-platform application and website that will connect homeless individuals with financial, time management, counseling, rehabilitation, psychological, and mentor resources
BuzzFuzz – Rosemary Fischer, Jacob Persons
Combatting the negative publicity given to interactions between police officers and the public, a smartphone application that records negative and positive interactions, notifies emergency contacts and calls a witness to the scene
Colorfulhashtag – Amanda Holst, Charlie Svensson
Giving American charities new opportunities to maximize donations, a simple function to allow individuals to donate a small amount of money through a social media account
E-Waste for the Visual Arts (EVA) – Bryan Berry, Elijah Hawley, Maria Lomeli-Garcia
Reducing electronic waste with a WNC-based collector and reseller that creates a unique end-use in e-waste art for local artists and hobbyists
Generation Fit – Michael Kelly, Nick Boyles, Eris Dardha, Christian Jewkes
Addressing obesity with an innovative online platform that helps individuals with their underlying problems
Healing the Hate – Lauren Glennon, Mandi Melton, Lexi Banks, Francesca Duncan
Inspiring empathy, compassion, and awareness for diversity with a community that discusses core personal beliefs in order to drowns out hate crimes
(placed first) Sound-Fade – Logan Lueck, Michael Luney
Easing the problem of distractions in classrooms of children with special needs and learning impediments, a product that reduces sound-based distractions
(placed second) Wonder Bundle – Joe Baker, Michelle Rickenbach
Helping with the cognitive development of children, a product subscription service that will sell and donate international learning tools to families


For more information:  The Business of Change