We Make an Impact!

UNC Asheville students are changing the world! This is no surprise. A liberal arts education helps students think critically, analyze possibilities, communicate their ​ideas and put them into action. These are the timeless ​skills that allow ​us to solve the complex problems of the world. A liberal arts ​education can prepare UNC Asheville students to ​not only be successful employees but to become productive citizens, innovative and leadership-oriented citizens.

Want to start turning your ideas into action?… Ideas to Action invites participation from all majors who want to learn how to creatively turn their ideas into realistic opportunities for change. In one dynamic course you will develop skills in creative innovation while embracing the understanding that your actions matter. You will get to explore your interests, while learning how to approach them with a sense of critical analysis of problems and needs and then design and present innovative solutions. Throughout the process, you will receive mentoring from professionals and community leaders while considering the impact of your ideas, market potential, and financial structures to support your innovations.

Since 2014, students campus-wide have taken this interdisciplinary-based course. It is an exciting elective opportunity for students in any major (including “undecided”) and is also part of the Arts Management & Entrepreneurship and Contemplative Inquiry programs.

Everyone is invited to put their creative and innovative ideas into action!

Here are some comments from students who have taken the Ideas to Action course:

The ideas in action course was the most beneficial and free thinking course I have had so far. In normal textbook classes you read about what can be done, here you get things done.

This course gave my college career purpose. It was in this course that I realized I don’t have to be an “adult” to influence change; the time is now to question unfair societal practices.

This course encouraged me to explore a type of creativity usually not accessed in my day-to-day life.

I learned not only about business models and trouble-shooting, but gained confidence in my public speaking and ability to communicate effectively — Honing my research methods and learning how to create an elevator pitch are skills I will apply beyond my work on this project and my time at UNCA!

I grew a lot in my understanding of what I am capable of… how to turn my ideas into something that can change the world.

What I didn’t expect was to discover something I was actually passionate about and have the opportunity to make it come to life.

I joined excited to learn how to start a business and to pitch in front of investors. What I didn’t expect was to discover something I was actually passionate about and have the opportunity to make it come to life in my business.

I definitely plan to get [my idea] off the ground once school is done!

Contact Information

For more information, watch the video above or contact Professor Laura Bond (lbond@unca.edu).